My name is Neebinnaukzhik Southall (I go by Neebin), and I am a photographer with a passion for photographing people! I primarily shoot on location, with a special love for natural settings. I am currently based in Santa Fe, NM.

Words to describe my work: Edgy, Artistic, Conceptual, Fantasy. I am inspired by pop culture, subcultures, mythology, legend, fashion, fairytales, and glamour. I've worked with a variety of individuals, from those who have never posed before to experienced models, from the shy to the bold. I am very adept in photographing women, and I am equally comfortable photographing all sorts of people, regardless of gender, body type, or age. I approach every session with the intention of producing a compelling portrait. I reveal the strength, beauty, grace, power, and attitude in those I photograph. I believe respect is a vital element in how I treat and depict my clients.

Bodypainting is one of my specialties! My designs are created in response to the unique contours of the individual to be painted. For me, the lines of the body inspire in a way that a piece of paper cannot. A back in particular is the perfect canvas. Backs are strong, and every one is uniquely beautiful. My process involves talking with the individual to get an idea for a design, then I create a design on location to flow with the unique shapes and curves of that person's body. Whether for an engagement, a special gift for a loved one, or a gift to yourself, bodypainting makes a unique, special portrait.

I am also available to photograph events, bands, products, and portfolios. For rates on specific projects and questions, please send me a message at contact (at) neebin.com. Models: TF is available for my personal projects only (18+, please).

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