Beads: A Universe of Meaning

Work done for the Beads: A Universe of Meaning exhibition at the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, while I was employed as the Public Relations and Web Coordinator. My work on the exhibition included the exhibition logo,  signage, object photography, invitation, and ads.

Beadwork is one of my favorite art forms. Among Native people, beadwork has spread across the continent and has been integrated into many cultures. Beadwork is highly valued, and much historic work was originally meant to be worn. My concept behind the promotional work and exhibition signage was to present the beadwork as if it was part of a fashion editorial. With this in mind, I photographed the work with bright backgrounds. For the exhibition title, I created custom lettering to imitate the look of appliquéd beadwork.

Editorial Photography

Invitation Design

(Note: The blue men’s moccasins are actually Plateau, circa 1890; this was an oversight in the curatorial department.)


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